• Wendy Lloyd Curley

WTF is a Podcast?

Sorry to swear, but I originally typed "What is a Podcast?" and it just didn't look catchy enough to grab your attention.

Podcasts have completely taken over the social sharing world. They're really nothing more than a recording of someone talking, or being interviewed, or a maybe even a highly produced show from a studio with music interwoven for effect. The groovy thing is that they are not LIVE, they are recordings. And you can download them easily to your phone or computer and listen to them anytime, anywhere.

Last year I jumped onto the podcasting bandwagon. I'd been listening to podcasts by one of my favourite people on a pretty important topic. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI (Business Networking International) training me about how to get the most out of my BNI membership. You can listen to it here:

I like the way he doesn't waffle on too long. They all have a specific topic. And best of all, after listening to over 300 of them so far, they are make me feel like I KNOW Ivan Misner personally.

I decided I wanted that sort of relationship with my team members. Even if I never get to meet them, I want them to feel like they KNOW me. So I created the WLC Podcast. I started out talking to my team in PartyLite and later decided that I should make it more generic - all about Direct Selling and Party Plan businesses.

So here it is. I'd love for you to subscribe, send in ideas, share it with others, and give me feedback. It's pretty bare bones.... I record it at home. I don't have any fancy music or editing tools.

But you get me. And I hope you get to know me. :)


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