• Wendy Lloyd Curley

Party in your Pyjamas

I'd be lying if I said that a Facebook Live candle party is better than a real, live, honest-to-goodness candle party at your house. Because I really do believe that live parties are the best.

But Facebook Live parties, if we run them well, can be fun and successful, so if you think you just can't do a candle party at your house... THIS is the answer. :)

Step 1 is to set up a private event on Facebook. I can provide great pictures. Decide on a time for the actual LIVE event 15 minutes. You and I are the only people who HAVE to be available at that time.

Step 2 is to make a list of friends and invite them to the LIVE event. I also want you to call or text them individually to make them feel special and to give them a good excited vibe about the party. IMPORTANT: If you invite people who don't live near you, I will need to process and ship their orders separately. If they spend $150 or more, they'll get free shipping. If they spend less than $150, I charge $15 for shipping and handling.

Step 3 is to watch and interact with any posts your invitees or I put up onto the event. I'll post product ideas, images, and maybe a contest or game. The more you interact, the better. It's YOUR party. I'm the stranger here. The more you play along, the more comfortable your guests will feel.

Step 4 is to make a list of what you want to buy. Please make up a big wish list before the party even starts. I will encourage all of the guests to make a list, too. At the 15 minute LIVE event, I'll summarise what I've said throughout the lead up to the party and I'll share any specials, gift ideas, and bundles that I recommend. After that 15 minute live event, everyone should have a good idea of what they want.

Step 5 is to order and pay. At the end of the live party I will take everyone's order either via email or over the phone. Once I have everyone else's order, I'll be able to tell you how much you need to pay for your order. The more I sell, the more you get for free. I also get to give you one half price items for every future party booking I get - even if they don't come to this party. AND you get access to our host exclusives when we have $500 or more in guest orders and one future booking. My goal is always to MAXIMISE your buying power and to stay within your budget.

Contact me to book your own Facebook Live Candle Party. It'll be fun!


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