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I Get Paid to Party

My husband works a 9-5 job. I run my own business from home. I think it is with an incredible amount of jealousy that he gets to say that his wife parties for a living. You see, I run a Party Plan business. Instead of running a store, I sell to my customers in their homes, over the phone, and on Facebook Live parties, and their products are delivered directly to them. Instead of advertising, I use my (ever-growing) network of contacts to find new customers.

Instead of looking for products, I depend on PartyLite to find the best ones, to create new ones, and to store it all for me. They create all the back end systems to support me AND they pay me when people I train are successful. Some direct sellers sell to one person at a time, others do presentations to groups to share information about the product and the business, and others use parties. The benefit of parties is that the party hosts are responsible for getting people to come to the event. They do the inviting. We do everything else.

Passion sells A lot of people would love to live the life I do and have the income I have, but they don't think that they can do what I do. I disagree! Anyone can learn how to do anything. The skills required to prepare for, present, and process a party are very easy to learn. Sharing the business opportunity with passionate people we meet along the way is something they can learn. The training is documented, available online, and our team has a personal coach to help you along the way. There's no experience necessary.... just passion.

What's a "Party"?

There are lots of different kinds of parties. Home parties, office parties, Facebook live parties, Zoom parties, express parties, mandle (man+candle) parties, I'm-at-a-BBQ-and-happen-to-have-a-catalogue-with-me parties. See? PartyLite can be anywhere and we want PartyLite to be everywhere.

What does a host do? Home parties are the best way to share the fragrances and get the full PartyLite experience. A typical home party takes about a week to schedule and run. The host invites the guests, reminds them the day before, and has them in their home or space so that they can sit and enjoy the party. Five to ten days after the party, the host receives the orders and divides them up for her guests for pick-up or delivery.

The host gets free and discounted products for being a host.

What does a consultant do?

I pack the goods, dress professionally, show up on time, and present my amazing business and catalogue. I am interactive with guests and really enjoy spending time getting to know them. If things go wrong, I take a deep breath. To make things easy for the host and for me, I take orders and payments at the party. I then get to spoil the host with some benefits for hosting the party and introducing me to such amazing people. Most importantly, because I run this business as a business, my job is to grow the team so that we can expand our brand, increase our market, and, ultimately, sell more product.

The consultant gets paid a percentage of her total sales for providing the service.


I won’t lie to you, you only get out of a Party Plan business what you put into it and some of the skills you need to be successful will take you out of your comfort zone. But with training and practice and persistence, you can learn the skills and develop the customer base. You might have your first party with family and friends who can support and give you feedback in a comfortable space. After a few parties, you start to meet new people who you would never have met except for the business and they will in turn introduce you to other new people. This is the power of network marketing. If you’ve ever been interested in partying for a living, but you didn’t think you could do it - don’t quit your day job. You don’t have to. Find a product you love. Find a person who can teach you how to be successful. And give it a go. Make some money, have some fun, and make lots of new friends.

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