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Black Friday

Sales Rewards: Consultants are rewarded when they place orders this weekend! Not only do we get paid, but we earn lots of free products from PartyLite.

This morning in Sydney, I got to talk to my family before they went out for Thanksgiving dinner. This is the first time I can remember my family ever going OUT for the food.

We usually have a huge day in the kitchen. Here's the menu: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, string beans (the only time of the year I have ever eaten string beans), corn casserole (Mrs Robinett, THANK YOU for that corn casserole recipe), yams (why?), pumpkin pie (again... why?), apple crumble pie (oh yes!), and then a loaf of fresh bread for... believe it or not... the second wave of sandwiches a few hours later. It's overkill, decadent, yummy, and one of my favourite holidays.

Today in Sydney it is Friday. Black Friday. Few people here know where the term Black Friday came from. Why is today Black? Well... the story I tell is that it is the official first day of the Holiday shopping extravaganza and the retailers in America do so well on that one day that their yearly profit is "in the black" as opposed to being "in the red." Profit. They make a profit. Hence... Black Friday.

Our PartyLite head office team sent out a text to all our active consultants this morning letting us know that WE will be rewarded for all sales over $150 for the next four days. Just one of the advantages of selling PartyLite. I already have parties, so everything on this brochure will be mine! Woo hoo!

Happy Black Friday everyone.

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