Work for yourself,

but not by yourself

Join the Party! Our business is all about your lifestyle.

Who are we?

We are young parents, full time students, office professionals, teachers, nurses, leaders, and retirees, and we all have a place in this business.

Why do we start? Most of us start because we simply LOVE the products. We believe in them. We use them ourselves and we want others to know about them too.

Why do we stay? This business culture, community, and structure gives people everything they need to succeed. We provide ongoing training and promotions to keep the business strong. We offer a flexible schedule so the business fits into our lives. We work hard to develop and grow our businesses. And we are rewarded handsomely with product, income, and money-can't-buy experiences. 

Quite simply, the best product we have to offer... is the business. 

And I'm determined to help make your business a success.


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Book a party and see for yourself.

The natural way to experience PartyLite products is by hosting a party at your home or attending a party at a friend's home. If you're curious about the party side of the business, I'll give you some observation tips so that you can see for yourself how easy it is to run a party, sell the products, and grow your own team.

Comprehensive Training and Support for Consultants and Leaders

Online, phone, and in-person training and support are available to all Consultants and Leaders. Comprehensive New Consultant Training and Future Leader Training are provided completely free of charge.

No Deliveries: We Ship to Hosts

PartyLite delivers orders directly to the party hosts so that Consultants don't have to do deliveries. This enables us to serve customers all across the country using in-person and online party formats.

We Love to Party!

There is nothing like meeting new people, making new friends, and sharing the world of PartyLite. It's a social business. Technology allows social to be both online and offline. Of course, our offline parties are a full-fragrance experience.

Easy to Use Marketing Tools

You can control your costs and your time.

The Online Business Suite offered by PartyLite gives you a regular client email, reports, a monthly consultant e-magazine, and your own personal website.

All for just $7.50 per month. Bargain.


PartyLite is a proud member of the Industry Association for Direct Selling in Australia. Members must adhere to a Code of Practice and commit to the highest professional and ethical standards.

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